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Nishihara Village in Aso, Kumamoto prefecture, is an entrance to Minami-Aso, which is located about 20km east of the center of Kumamoto City.

Being part of the outer rim of Mount Aso, the eastern side of town has a large wilderness area,

which includes the mountain, where richness of nature, such as fields and springs, remains.

Moreover, it is a convenient location, easily accessible from the airport and the Kyushu Expressway.

An attractive Nishihara village
that discovered by a foreigner.

People from all over the world live in Nishihara Village. They talk about the attractiveness of Nishihara Village from a different perspective than Japanese people. You are sure to discover the attractiveness of Nishihara that you never noticed before.

Meat is delicious!
Come eat!

Horse meat, chicken, Akaushi beef… If you are looking for delicious meats, come to Nishihara Village! We can recommend restaurants serving exquisite Basashi (horse meat sashimi) and other dishes featuring horse meat, satisfying grilled whole chicken, and Akaushi beef dishes.

Reachable in 1 hour.
It will move you.

30 minutes to 1 hour drive from Kumamoto city. Nishihara Village is located surprisingly close. How would you like to come experience extraordinary things including, beautiful natural scenery, mingling with animals, and power spots.

Shop recommendations
in Nishihara Village

Delicious eateries and cafes in Nishihara Village

Delicious eateries and cafes in Nishihara Village

Are you in the mood for Japanese food? Western food? Or Indian food? There is a variety of unique restaurants in Nishihara village. Try the signature dishes of each restaurant, such as Basashi (horse meat sashimi), Ebi-katsu (minced shrimp cutlet), and Kawara Soba (Soba on roof tile).

Stop here for souvenirs and shopping!

Stop here for souvenirs and shopping!

We can recommend stores selling unique delicious items, fresh local produce, interesting items exhibiting the originality of the creators! Take a part of Nishihara Village home with you!

See, play, and stay to enjoy!

See, play, and stay to enjoy!

Enjoy the freedom on a farm, read select children's books with your kids, or stay at a quaint old house. Introducing stores and lodging facilities in Nishihara Village that offer a variety of fun!

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