Shop recommendations in Nishihara Village

Its signature dish, “Ebi Katsu Teishoku set,” is also in the name of the restaurant. Crispy, fried Ebi Katsu features copious amount of plum shrimp. “Jo Rosu Katsu Teishoku set” is also popular among both genders. Please enjoy them with a mountain of shredded cabbage, peanut Tofu, pickles, Miso soup, and delicious Nishihara-Village-grown rice.

We hope to serve our famous “Ebi Katsu Teishoku set” to many people, have them play in Nishihara Village and become revitalized!

You will see it on your way from the Kumamoto Airport to Mt.Tawarayama on the prefectural road. The owner of the restaurant is a Nishihara native, who worked as an executive chef at a hotel. The French cuisine chef/owner started the restaurant to serve “Ebi Katsu (Minced shrimp cutlet)/Tonkatsu (pork cutlet)” to have many people casually come to dine. The delicious, locally grown rice is another reason why people keep coming back to this restaurant.

Open 11:30 – 14:30, 17:30 – 20:30
Closed on Wednesdays, the 3rd Thursday of the month
Average check Lunch budget: from ¥950; normal budget: from ¥1,100
Smoking No smoking
Wi-Fi environment None
Parking lot 16 vehicles
Phone Number +81-96-340-4811
Zip code 861-2402
Address 2958-1, Komori, Nishihara-mura Aso-gun, Kumamoto